‘For Want of a Shilling’

The mysterious Russian invasion hoax that shook colonial New Zealand.  I can’t begin to explain the amount of research that went into writing this novel. I was fortunate to have access to original documents, I consulted with experts and crawled through the dark depths of an old ship with a flashlight to verify facts. There […]

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Faults, Fallacies & Foibles

As historical fiction novelists, we try extremely hard to portray the past as it was, if we can’t, then certainly we represent history the way we believed it to be. Frequently avid readers will contact us and point out with some glee, a glaring inaccuracy in our latest published masterpiece. I was contacted by a […]

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Researching ‘Into the Shade’

Few books I have written have required such in-depth research as ‘Into the Shade’. This is where historical fiction comes into its own and as an author something I take immense pride and pleasure in doing. ‘Into the Shade’ is set in 1914, immediately prior to WWI and features a segment on a 73-foot yawl. […]

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Promotional Videos

We recently shot a series of promotional videos for my novels. Finding the locations is always a challenge, however the first video on ‘The Breath of God’ turned out great. Be on the lookout for more in the coming months. Click image to play.  

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Digging Deep and Finding the Gem

I was recently asked by author and blogger, Mary Tod, to ‘Guest Blog’ on her website, A Writer of History, about research. ––––––––––––––– I’ve frequently said, “History is about the untold story, and writing historical fiction is a wonderful way to present the past in a compelling and entertaining way.” The caveat is to find that […]

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