New Release – ‘Falls Ende – The Oath’

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest book, ‘Falls Ende – The Oath’. This is an extraordinary story that will appeal to everyone. At present, it is only available on Amazon Kindle but will be forthcoming on Kobo and Nook platforms within a few days. It is my intention for ‘Falls Ende’ to become a series, and ‘The Oath’ is book one. I hope you enjoy.

The cover artwork was painted for me by the wonderful and very talented Erika Husselmann, please check out her website,  My dear friend Chris Largent was the graphic designer and put it all together, I am very proud of the work they both did for me.


The year 1157. The small picturesque hamlet of Mellester in Devonshire, England, is home to herdsman, Godwin Read and his son, Odo. When the ageing knight, Sir William Ainsley, Lord of Mellester Manor goes on a hunt for wild boar, the inexplicable happens, and Godwin makes a decision that will ultimately impact their lives and Mellester Manor forever.

Ten years later Herdsman Odo is happy, in love and about to realise his lifelong dream when suddenly everything goes awry and his life is in turmoil. Sir Wystan, Sir William’s only son and heir, is now Lord of Mellester Manor and intends to exact revenge on Herdsman Odo by seizing everything he possesses and even by taking his life.

While managing some of the king’s affairs in his absence, Sir Hyde Fortescue, a powerful lord of a neighbouring manor discovers all is not well at Mellester. On behalf of the King, he must act quickly and serve justice.

Can Sir Wystan regain what was most precious to him, or will Falls Ende see his ultimate downfall and disgrace? For Odo, there is more at stake than just his dignity because that’s already been taken, all he has left is teetering on the edge.Falls Ende - The Oath

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