Worldwide release of ‘Boundary’

I am proud to announce that my first novel ‘Boundary’ is now available for purchase worldwide in hardcover, paperback and digital. This has been a labour of love, and a journey for me that has been nothing short of remarkable. I have many people to thank for their continued encouragement and support, without them, my desire to write would have been nothing more than an unfulfilled dream. And yet today it still feels like a dream. Perhaps when I see my novels laying alongside acclaimed novelists in a bookshop it will seem real.
I welcome your support, and what better way than to purchase your very own copy. If you don’t see ‘Boundary’ on a shelf, then ask for it, order it. Write a review, it all helps.

In the next few months my next novel, ‘The Breath of God’, will also be released, followed by ‘For Want of a Shilling’ and then “Tied to Mae’. My sincere thanks to my agent, Emerantia Parnall-Gilbert, and my publisher Lang Book Publishing Ltd, they are truly amazing.

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